KFA - Karate For All

Members of the English Karate Federation

Where can I join?

To join Karate For All simply call Sensei Paul Acton on 07772474577 or call in to one of our training sessions at:

  • KFA Stourbridge
  • Crystal Leisure Centre
    Main Sports Hall
    Bell Street
    West Midlands
    DY8 1AE

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If you require any further assistance do not hesitate in calling or send an email to info@karateforall.co.uk

We currently offer a Free Introductory Lesson and Free Membership. More info is available on Times and Prices

When you arrive just ask one of the students about joining. KFA encourage new members and you won't be expected to 'know it all' straight away. We are all students of the Martial Arts, even those that have been studying for decades, and like true students, knowing that you don't know everything is the key to learning.

Lessons incorporate a variaty of activities, from basic Karate techniques and self defence to sparring and kata. All students take part in each activity, therefore the knowledge and technical ability of the more advanced students is passed onto those new to the sport.

Come along and give it a try - learn something new, build coinfidence, increase concentration, speed, reactions, strength and flexibilty, and get fit while you're doing it. Feel the buzz you get in the things you achieve and finish the class exhilarated.

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