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Dan Gradings and presentations 2011

After a short interval, at the end of the Autumn Course, everyone moved into the Dance Studio at the Crystal Leisure Centre. It was now time for Gradings for both Juniors and Dan Grades. What a turn out again, with 18 Juniors and 8 Dan Grades all attempting their next goal. The students certainly had their work cut out within the following 3 hours. The grading panel observed all aspects of training from basics, Kata and Kumite techniques. The students did not disappoint and certainly raised the bar on the day. There was a real buzz in the air with some dazzling displays. Immediately it was clear that the students had taken on board their previous training session. Everyone gave 100 percent and their efforts were rewarded. The panel discussed the grading then soon gave the results. Each student had passed with flying colours. Whist photos took place it gave the opportunity for the hand crafted Dan Grade Certificates to be finished. Soon time for the final presentation to the Dan Grades. Certificates and belts were awarded before the final photo session.
A huge congratulations to everyone in their achievements. With all the hard work finally paying off, you certainly did not let us or yourselves down.
It is so satisfying to reward students for all their hard work and determination, and not use the achievement just for financial gain.

Once again many thanks for everyone’s support.

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