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KFA Autumn Course 2011

The KFA Autumn Course was held at the Crystal Leisure Centre on Sunday 2 October. As with all events within KFA it was very well attended, from all clubs. Sensei Alex got the session under way with an excellent warm up routine. Sensei Phil soon got things going with his explanation of what he felt was a weakness in our training. All the students gathered around as Sensei Phil explained, in depth, of how to improve our techniques, in the body, above the belt. A demonstration was given on how we currently measure our impact speed. This then became clear that by adopting Sensei Philís new approach we could easily improve our speed. The students were very keen to try out their new knowledge and soon began attacking the impact pads. Throughout the Course Black Belts gave a helping hand when required. Again Sensei Phil explained how the new techniques could be adapted in both Kumite and Kata The time flew and soon Sensei Paul began the second session. This session looked at the weaknesses below the belt. Sensei Paul demonstrated how by using a few simple techniques, and not forgetting Sensei Philís message, we could all significantly improve in all aspects of Karate. Students showed very quickly their understanding of Sensei Paulís training and soon began executing front kick or Migeri. As the day moved on it was clear that improvements were being made at every level. This gave us the opportunity to focus on other kicks, and self defence. The day again flew and soon it was time for Sensei Alex to carry out a warm down.
What a success the course had been with a wonderful atmosphere. We had lots of very positive feedback from students and parents, which was very rewarding for the two Senseiís. It was much appreciated that the large number of Black Belts always offered to help fellow students, especially the ones who were about to grade later in the day.
Many thanks for everyoneís support and we cannot wait til the next one.

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