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KFA Autumn Course 2010

KFA held their Autumn Course at The Crystal Leisure Centre in Stourbridge on 14 November 2010. The Course was a great success from start to finish, with an excellent turn out by our students. The day began with a warm up routine from Sensei Alex Whyte, which certainly got the blood pumping. Next to follow was our Black Belts introduction by Sensei Paul Acton, which gave our new students the opportunity to meet our high grades. With the introductions over the KFA students then had the opportunity to train in their Kata’s which they will require for their next gradings. All the students received coaching from the highest level and certainly enjoyed having one to one lessons from our Black Belts. Soon it was time for a quick drink then a lesson from Sensei Phil Whyte. Sensei Phil explained in depth on how to achieve a quick take off when executing fighting techniques. It was not long before the students were practising hard, and getting to grips with their new techniques from Sensei Phil. The lesson showed how to check your stance before moving forward at speed on the attack, then the attack itself.

Everyone certainly enjoyed the lesson and trained hard throughout. The time went quickly and was soon time for a break before resuming to a lesson from Sensei Paul. With Sensei Phil working on the attack it seemed more beneficial for Sensei Paul to focus on the defence. With this in mind, Sensei Paul broke the defence into three areas, again explaining the reasons behind each move. The KFA students trained in all three areas and finally put all the sections together. When the students became more comfortable with the techniques they were allowed to use them in more of a free fighting role.

Soon the session was over and the final part was the warm down again by Sensei Alex.

The day had proved to be a great success, with lots of positive feed back from both students and parents. This left one final part to the weekend, which was a meal for anyone to attend, giving the opportunity for everyone to reflect on the course and our training in general. Many questions were asked, and new ideas discussed. It was certainly refreshing to have such positive feed back.
Very big thanks to all of our students who attended and making the weekend so successful and memorable. We really do look forward to the next course very soon.

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