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KFA Dudley Presentation Evening 2010

KFA Dudley held their annual presentation night on Friday 26 November 2010. This gave Sensei Phil the opportunity to thank all the club members for their continued support and to present awards to successful students. Once again the evening was very successful with over 120 people attending. Fellow members from KFA Stourbridge also attended. The evening began with Sensei Phil’s presentation to students and his acknowledgement of the help given by parents. He gave presents to the parents who had helped in preparing the food and room which made the evening go so smoothly. Students thanked Sensei Phil and presented him and his wife, Alison, with a Blue ray player, vouchers and flowers. Next came the food which was well received by everyone, and with plenty to go around. There was certainly no shortage of choice. Once the food was over it was time for raffle prizes, which were very good prizes and well worth winning. The funniest of the evening was the Man Bag won by Craig, who held tightly to it for the rest of the evening. No evening would be complete without music, which followed next. There was certainly some good moves going on at the dance floor.

The KFA Dudley awards went to the following:
Best New Student – Cameron Aitken & Louise McKinnley
Most Spirited Student – Daniel Pearson & Jake Grove
Most Improved Student – Rob Drake
Club Person – Megan Harris& Dave Thomas
Students Student of the Year – Jack Richards & Dave Thomas
Sensei Phil’s Student of the Year – Jack Richards & Ashleigh Whyte (These two awards were given in recognition of both students winning 2 individual World Karate Titles and Jack also winning in Team Kata)

We would like to thank everyone for attending and for all the continued support. The KFA Stourbridge presentation evening is in January and everyone connected to Karate For All are welcome. Once again thanks everyone for a great night.

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